Street Artists: El Mac and Retna

I am Los Angeles, an alias created by Joris Debeij, a European living in Los Angeles. The idea behind the name "I am Los Angeles" is to show the different shade of people in L.A. and the niches they fall in. This is one of his pieces. It’s called "Let The Arts Roam". It features 2 L.A. street artists, El Mac – who does giant engaging portraits and Retna – who creates the captivating backgrounds. Enjoy.

Let The Arts Roam by I Am Los Angeles

Of Our Youth (Chato)

Skid Row (Blessed Are the Meek)

La Reina Thai Town

Collige, Virgo, Rosas

A process video of the creation of a large painting for Nick Cassavetes, Collige, Virgo, Rosas.

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